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Final clinical short case 29

Created: 4/11/2010
1. Describe the immediate management of dural tap.
- Describe the symptoms of post-dural puncture headache
- Describe the nature of the headache; when is it likely to occur?
- Describe the epidural blood patch technique.

2. How would you recognise an extradural haematoma on a computed tomography (CT) scan?
- What are the symptoms of extradural haematoma?
- Describe the management of a patient in A & E with extradural haematoma with a low Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS).
- Discuss the goals of management of head injury.

3. Discuss the causes and management of malignant hypertension.
- Discuss the present guidelines (NICE).
- What are the possible consequences of anaesthesia in such cases.

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