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Primary OSCE 55

Created: 12/11/2010
1. Resuscitation
Discuss advanced life support techniques.

2. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate advanced life support on a simulator manikin.

3. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate on a simulator manikin how you would manage hypotension and ST depression that has developed during reaming of the femur in hip surgery.

4. Anatomy
Describe the anatomical landmarks for performing a caudal block.

5. Scans
You are shown a chest X-ray showing an upper lobe consolidation/collapse and asked questions on management.

6. Scans
You are shown an X-ray of a C-spine of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and asked questions on clinical management.

7. History taking
Take a history from a leukaemia patient about to have a Hickman line inserted.

8. History taking
Take a history from a 35-year-old woman presenting for total abdominal hysterectomy. She has iron deficiency anaemia and thalassaemia. You are then asked questions on the patient and on iron deficiency anaemia.

9. Anaesthetic machine check
You are asked to carry out an anaesthetic machine check.

10. Nerve blocks
Interscalene (IS) block: you are asked to demonstrate the landmarks on a patient and answer questions on IS blocks.

11. Examination
You are asked to examine a patient with a head injury, including Glasgow coma scale (GCS).

12. Measuring equipment
You are asked to identify photographs of devices for oxygen analysis (fuel cell, Clark electrode, paramagnetic analyser) and asked questions on each.

13. Anatomy
You are asked to describe the anatomy of the airway and diaphragm (e.g. structures passing through the diaphragm).

14. Scans
You are asked to interpret a capnography trace.

15. Communication skills
You are asked to counsel an intravenous drug user presenting for an appendectomy. He does not want to be given morphine and is becoming agitated on the ward. Discuss alternative analgesia.

16. Equipment
Discuss the use of diathermy.

17. Skills
Describe epidural anatomy and techniques for epidural insertion.

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