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Final clinical short case 30

Created: 26/11/2010
1. Insertion of an intraosseous needle:
- What are the indications?
- What are the contraindications?
- Discuss the site, and layers through which the needle passes.
- What is the mechanism by which the drugs reach the bloodstream?
- Describe the blood supply to the bone.
- What are the complications of intraosseous needle insertion?
- What kind of drugs/fluids can we give and what kind can we not give?

2. Define jaundice.
- Describe the different types.
- What are the causes?
- Describe the pathway of bilirubin formation.
- Describe the problems associated with severely jaundiced patients.

3. Describe the methods for measuring oxygen concentration.
- Describe paramagnetic analysers and the Clark electrode in detail.

4. What is oxygen toxicity?
- Describe its effect on different systems.
- Discuss any limitations on the FiO2

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