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Primary viva 29 (Clinical)

Created: 22/2/2011
Updated: 23/12/2011
1. A 55-year-old man presents for elective day case inguinal hernia repair. Within the last 6 months he has experienced new-onset chest pain, which has been treated by his general practitioner.
- What are the possible causes of his chest pain?
- What would you want to know about the pain?
- What determines whether or not you would anaesthetise someone with angina?
- What are the available options for anaesthesia in such a case?
- Which of these would you prefer and why?

2. A patient undergoing general anaesthesia develops ventricular ectopics, which initially does not compromise cardiac output.
- How would you manage this patient?
- If the ectopic beats become more frequent, what would you do then?
- If this degenerates into ventricular tachycardia, with a pulse present, how would you respond?
- If the patient then becomes haemodynamically compromised, what would you do?

3. How would you assess pain?

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