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Created: 31/1/2012
Updated: 31/1/2012
The bougie is an adjunct for difficult endotracheal intubation.


For directional control during routine or difficult endotracheal intubation when the laryngeal inlet cannot be completely seen.


Excessive force, passage beyond the carina, or blind introduction may result in soft tissue damage or may cause rupture of the bronchus.
The endotracheal tube should not be threaded over the introducer without the laryngoscope in place.


Single use & sterile packed, reduces risk
of cross infection.

High gloss, low-friction outer surface, improves tube glide over bougie.

Low point-of-pressure tip, reduces risk of accidental trauma.

All available in 10CH & 15CH, suitable for use with all tubes from 4mm (ID) to 10mm(ID).

Also available in 5CH, for use with 2.5mm (ID) tubes. 

Extra tip graduations, allow for improved laryngeal inlet entry & exit guidance.

Clear, highly visible outer packaging, for ease of product identification in emergency situations

Barium tip for improved X-Ray guidance.

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