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Airway Management

Created: 31/5/2012
Updated: 4/9/2012
Airway management can be complicated by factors such as trauma, obesity, and other anatomical anomalies, which clinicians must overcome in patients of all sizes and weights. GlideScope video laryngoscopes provide a clear, real-time view of the airway and tube placement.

When used routinely in everyday practice and training, GlideScope significantly improves patient safety, the acquisition of traditional and video laryngoscopy techniques and difficult airway manoeuvres.  In addition to patient safety, trainees require shorter supervision times and non-anaesthetists can rapidly gain greater confidence in airway management.

The shared view is designed to significantly improve team working and communication. Other clinical applications include NG Tube insertion and assisting surgeons.

The GlideScope AVL


i] Tracheal intubation following training with the GlideScope compared to direct laryngoscopy. C. M. Ayoub, G. E. Kanazi A, Al Alami, C. Rameh and M. F. El-Khatib. Anaesthesia, 2010, 65, pages 674–678

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