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Primary OSCE 65

Created: 30/8/2012
1. Anatomy
Discuss the anatomy of the base of the skull.

2. Anatomy
Which nerves supply the foot?
Describe the courses and blocks of the saphenous and deep peroneal nerves.

3. Clinical skills
What are the landmarks for internal jugular vein cannulation?
- Demonstrate the Seldinger technique with the kit available.

4. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate endobronchial intubation.

5. Resuscitation
A patient’s cardiac monitor shows sinus bradycardia; discuss your management.

6. Scans
You are asked to interpret a chest X-ray showing coarctation of the aorta

7. Scans
You are asked to interpret an ECG showing Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome.

8. Clinical measurement
You are asked to interpret a vitalograph trace (restrictive trace).

9. History taking
Take a history from a woman you are assessing for labour analgesia. She has ankylosing spondylitis

10. History taking
Take a history from a woman presenting for elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

11. Communication skills
Reassure an anxious middle-aged woman who is due to undergo a thoracotomy the following day. She has taken sedatives for several years and has had a difficult intubation in the past. The consultant would like to do an awake fibre-optic intubation.

12. Equipment
You are asked to check an epidural set.

13. Equipment
You are asked some questions about chest drains.

14. Physics
You are asked some questions about humidity, humidifiers.
- You are shown some photographs of vaporisers and asked some questions about them.
- Discuss the uses/benefits of plenum versus draw-over vaporizers.

15. Examination/skills
You are asked to carry out an airway assessment.

16. Scans
You are shown a lateral cervical spine X-ray and asked to interpret it.

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