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Primary viva 33 (Clinical)

Created: 3/1/2013
1. A 30-year-old male presents following a road traffic accident. He has had no loss of consciousness, and has a compound tibia-fibula fracture. His girlfriend tells you that he is hepatitis B positive.

- What would you do initially?
- What are the possible reasons for his hepatitis B status?
- How could you tell whether he is a drug abuser?
- What other infectious diseases might he have?
- What are prions?
- What precautions are taken against infectious diseases in the operating theatre?
- What should you do after a needle-stick injury?
- What is the likelihood of infection after a needle-stick injury?
- What other organisms are transmitted in hospital?

2. Discuss anaphylactic reactions during induction.
- What would be your initial treatment?
- When and how would you follow this up?

3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of spinal versus general anaesthetics in a head-injured patient.

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