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Final clinical short case 37

Created: 8/1/2013
1. Conscious sedation:
- What is the definition of conscious sedation?
- What are the problems associated with conscious sedation?
- What drugs are commonly used?
- What sort of monitoring and staff are required?
- What recovery facilities are required?
- What is the Joint College Declaration regarding conscious sedation?

2. Myotonic dystrophy:
A 30-year-old with myotonic dystrophy presents for wisdom teeth removal:

- How does the condition present?
- What factors can trigger myotonia (including drugs)?
- What problems does this condition cause regarding anaesthesia?
- What would be your anaesthetic management?
- How could you minimise intraoperative consequences?

3. Head injury:

- What are the causes of secondary damage?
- Discuss the ways of minimising increases in intracranial pressure?
- What pharmacological therapies should be given?

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