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Primary OSCE 67

Created: 14/1/2013
1. Examination
You are asked to take patients’ pulses and venous/arterial blood pressure.

2. Anaesthetic machine check
Check a Bain circuit.

3. Simulator manikin
You are asked to demonstrate endobronchial intubation.

4. Scans
You are asked to interpret a CT scan showing extradural haematoma.

5. Examination/skills
Demonstrate a tracheostomy change.

6. Electrical safety
You are shown some circuits and asked which will cause electrical shock, and also about diathermy types and hazards.

7. Anaesthetic monitoring & measuring equipment
Identify and talk about the fuel cell and Clarke electrode, and discuss paramagnetism.

8. Gas analysis
Discuss methods of volatile gas analysis and sources of error.

9. Resuscitation
You are asked about basic life support and treatment of supraventricular tachycardia with blood pressure compromise in a pregnant patient.

10. Scans
You are asked to interpret an ECG showing multiple ventricular extrasystoles.

11. Communication skills
Reassure a woman whose father is in the operating theatre for a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

12. History taking
Take a history from a young woman with leukaemia for insertion of a Hickman line.

13. History taking
Take a history from a young diabetic presenting for a tonsillectomy.

14. Anatomy
Discuss the autonomic nervous system.

15. Anatomy
You are asked to point out the features of a coronary angiogram, and discuss the nerve supply to heart and the course of the vagus nerve.

16. Anaesthetic monitoring & measuring equipment
Discuss the different types of pressure gauges and regulators, nitrous filling ratio and critical temperature.

17. Equipment
Discuss the patterns of response and placement of electrodes for neuromuscular block monitoring. Describe the different types of blockade.

18. End-tidal CO2
Describe the phases of a capnogram, and discuss the causes of abnormalities.

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