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Primary Viva 35 (Physiology)

Created: 15/3/2013
1. What are the physiological effects of an increase in pCO2, as might occur, for example, from rebreathing from a bag?
- Discuss the mechanism of action of central and peripheral chemoreceptors.
- What would be the effects of rebreathing from a bag containing a CO2 absorber?
- What would be the effects of breathing a hypoxic gas mixture?
- Draw a graph of cerebral blood flow in relation to changes in pO2 and pCO2.
2. Discuss the anatomy of the hepatic lobule and the blood supply to the liver.
- What is the portal circulation?
- Which part of the lobule is most susceptible to ischaemia?
3. Describe the physiological response to drinking a litre of water.
- Discuss the function of osmoreceptors and baroreceptors.

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