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Primary OSCE 70

Created: 7/6/2013
1. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the circumflex nerve.

2. Scans
You are shown X-rays of the cervical spine showing diffuse pulmonary infiltrates and asked to interpret them.

3. History taking
Take a history from a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and previous pulmonary lobectomy for tuberculosis, presenting for wrist surgery.
- Discuss all details of comorbidities, reasons for surgery, etc.

4. Communication
Gain consent from a patient for awake fibreoptic intubation.

5. History taking
Take a history from a patient presenting for a hernia operation.

6. Anaesthetic machine check
Check a Bain circuit.

7. Resuscitation
Resuscitate a patient with bradycardia, then ventricular fibrillation (can't intubate can't ventilate scenario).

8. Examination
Carry out a cardiovascular examination.

9. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae.
- How would you perform an ankle block?

10. Equipment
You are shown pictures of different oxygen analysers and asked questions about them.
- Discuss pulse oximetry.

11. Skills
Describe the insertion of a subclavian line.

12. Skills
Discuss the application of cricoid pressure.

13. Data interpretation
You are shown ECG traces showing supraventricular tachycardia and asked to interpret them.
- How would you manage the case?

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