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Primary viva 38 (Physics)

Created: 22/11/2013
1.You are shown an arterial pressure curve, a damped and a resonant curve.

- What are the causes of damping and resonance?
- What other factors which can give false values for arterial pressure?
- Describe the changes in the arterial pressure curve as it is measured more peripherally.
- How would you calibrate the system?

2. You are shown a series of different graphs and asked which equations describe them, with examples (see below)
  • y = x +c
  • Charles law
  • y=m/x
  • Boyles law
  • y = x squared
  • Hyperbola
  • Exponential curve, its formula
  • Wash-in curve
  • Bacterial growth curve

- Define half-life and time constant.

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