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Final clinical short case 43

Created: 12/6/2015
1. Describe how Bier’s block is carried out, including local anaesthetic options and doses, procedure, cuffs and reasons for carrying out this block.
- What are the problems associated with Bier’s block?
- Discuss local anaesthetic toxicity – the causes, signs and how to treat it.

2. Describe your assessment of a patient with fracture of the neck of the femur.
- What are the consequences of this injury?
- What are the pros and cons of optimisation versus the disadvantages of delay?

3. A rheumatoid arthritis patient presents for an operation on his arm. He has stridor.
- Describe your assessment of his airway.
- The X-ray of neck shows cervical fixation.
- What are the management options? How would you manage the case if the patient refuses regional anaesthesia? What are the alternatives to awake fibreoptic intubation?

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