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Primary OSCE 81

Created: 23/10/2015
1. Equipment
Epidural set:
- What should be checked?
- How small are the pores in the filter?
- How much catheter do you leave in the epidural space?

2. Data interpretation
You are shown an ECG showing Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and asked associated questions.

3. Data interpretation
You are shown a vitalograph trace and asked associated questions.

4. Data interpretation
You are asked various questions about preeclampsia.

5. Skills
You are asked how to perform an ankle block, and then asked various questions about nerve supply and distribution.

6. Skills
You are asked how to insert a subclavian line, and then asked associated questions.

7. Communication
You need to talk to a very anxious lady on long-term benzodiazepines about why she needs awake fibreoptic intubation.

8. Equipment
You are asked various questions on hygrometers and humidity.

9. Communication
Talk to a primigravida patient about labour analgesia.

10. Data interpretation
You are shown an apparently normal chest X-ray of a 30-year-old man found preoperatively to have an incidental finding of a heart murmur.

11. Simulator manikin
You are asked to work on a simulator manikin in an ICU scenario.

12. Equipment
You are asked to identify various vaporisers and then asked some associated questions.

13. Equipment
You are asked about chest drains and questions on the associated physics.

14. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of periorbital structures and the retrobulbar block technique.

15. History taking
Take a history from a woman presenting for laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

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