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Primary OSCE 82

Created: 24/6/2016
1. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the antecubital fossa, and wrist.
- What is Allen’s test?

2. History taking
Take a history from a rheumatoid arthritis patient presenting for a knee replacement.

3. Simulator manikin
A patient with a fracture of the tibial shaft is about to undergo tibial nailing. As you join the scene, the operation has not yet started, and rapid sequence induction is about to start. Things start going wrong: the heart rate goes up from 100 to 150 bmp within a few seconds and the oxygen saturation has started dropping. What would you do?

4. Equipment
Describe the different types of vaporizer.

5. Equipment
Describe the various types of filter and blood giving sets that are used in a) children and b) adults.

6. History taking
Take a history from a patient presenting with subtotal thyroidectomy.

7. Anaesthetic machine check
You are asked to carry out an anaesthetic machine check on a machine with only a breathing circuit.
(There is a leak from the soda lime and the inspiratory valve is shut).

8. Statistics
You are asked to calculate the correlation coefficients of two local anaesthetic drugs.

9. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret data from an asthmatic patient during volume-controlled ventilation. You are shown graphs from before and after treatment for flow vs tidal volume.

10. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret data from a woman with a septic picture: her temperature is 42 degrees centrigrade, systemic vascular resistance 700 dynes/s/cm5, cardiac output 13 litres/min.

11. Chest X-ray
You are asked to interpret a chest X-ray showing mitral stenosis, a dilated heart, with a straight border.

12. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the diaphragm, with its various openings.

14. Skills
Demonstrate cricoid pressure to an operating department assistant.

15. Examination
You are asked to carry out a cardiovascular system examination of the various pulses (including the jugular venous pulse) and the praecordium.

16. Resuscitation
You are asked about the tachycardia algorithm.

17. Communication skills
Discuss pain relief options with a woman presenting for hysterectomy. Discuss the relative merits of patient-controlled analgesia versus epidural.

18. Equipment
You are asked to identify different electrodes (CO2, Clarke and the pH).
- Choose one of these and describe it.

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