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Primary OSCE 84

Created: 2/10/2018
1. Examination/skills
You are asked to assess a head injury and assign a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)score.

2. Anatomy
Discuss the anatomy of the brachial plexus and cervical vertebrae.

3. Statistics
Discuss the interpretation of skewed distributions.

4. Equipment
You are shown a picture of an entonox cylinder and asked questions about pressures, the two-stage regulator and the physical properties of gases.

5. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate your treatment of atrial fibrillation with an ECG showing left ventricular hypertrophy on a simulator manikin.

6. Scans
You are shown a chest X-ray from a pigeon fancier, showing pulmonary fibrosis.

7. Equipment
You are asked to check a Bains circuit and are asked questions on capnography.

8. Communication skills
You are asked to order blood products via a telephone conversation with an awkward lab person.

9. Equipment
Demonstrate how to check an epidural kit before insertion.

10. Anaesthetic monitoring & measuring equipment/hazards
You are shown a picture of patient hooked up to electronic equipment.
- What are the microshock risks?
- How would you shield equipment for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)?
- You are asked to identify some electrical symbols.

11. Data interpretation
You are shown some blood gas results showing metabolic acidosis in a young woman with sepsis and pneumonia, and are asked some true/false questions.

12. Examination/skills
You are asked to examine a man’s chest. There are signs of tension/pneumothorax.
- Demonstrate how you would insert a chest drain.
- What are the complications?

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