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Primary Viva 1 (Anatomy)

Created: 4/2/2005


1. Discuss the sensory innervation of the larynx.

2. Draw the circle of Willis.

3. Look at a coronary angiogram and label each of the vessels. Which parts of the heart do the vessels supply?

4. Which roots do the brachial plexus come from? Which nerves do they support?

5. Show on an actor how you would perform an ankle block. What five nerves would you be trying to block?

6. Point out the coeliac plexus on a CT scan. What does it supply and what roots does it come from? How would you block it?

7. What layers do you pass through when performing spinal anaesthesia?

8. What is a 3 in 1 block and how is it performed?

9. What is your favourite block and how do you perform it?

10. Describe the course of the internal jugular vein.


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