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Primary Viva 4 (Clinical)

Created: 14/9/2004


1. What are the problems associated with anaesthetising an obese patient?

2. What specific points would you look for in the history of a patient with ischaemic heart disease?

3. Discuss the airway differences between a neonate and an adult.

4. Discuss the management of inhalational burns.

5. Discuss the calculation of fluid requirements in adults and children.

6. How would you confirm that an endotracheal tube has been placed correctly?

7. Discuss Mapleson’s classifications. What other classification systems are there? Click here for an interactive Mapleson A circuit.

8. What criteria must be fulfilled for day surgery eligibility?

9. List the causes of hypotension at the following stages:
– Preoperatively
– Intraoperatively
– Postoperatively

10. Why is humidification important and what potential problems are associated with it? Click here for an article on humidity.

11. What is in soda lime and with which agents should it be used with caution? Click here for an article on soda lime.

12. Draw a circle system.

13. What are the problems of anaesthetising a patient with diabetes? Click here for an article on the problems of anaesthetising patients with diabetes.

14. What drugs are dangerous in porphyria?

15. Explain how a laser works.

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