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Primary Viva 2 (Physics)

Created: 9/11/2004



1. What are the methods for reducing pollution in the operating theatre?

2. What is scavenging?

3 Describe the different types of scavenging.

4. What are the differences and advantages between them?

5. What toxicity do the gases from active scavenging cause?

6. What are the maximal permissible levels for N2O and volatile agents?

7. Where does toxicity occur (apart from the operating theatre)? You may like to think about the Labour ward, and the accident and emergency and physiotherapy departments.



1. How does an ECG machine work?

2. What are amplifiers?

3. Define bandwidth and gain.

4. What is differential amplification?

5. What is the frequency of the ECG?

6.What is diathermy? how would you avoid interference caused by diathermy?

7. What is the role of impedance?

8. You are shown circuit diagrams. Explain each of them.

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