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Primary OSCE 13

Created: 7/9/2004
1. Resuscitation
You are asked to complete an asystole algorithm on an adult

2. Anaesthetic machine check
You are asked to identify the following faults:
 - no spare O2 cylinder
 - half empty cylinder
 - no blanking plug in CO2 cylinder
 - vaporiser empty
 - no O ring

3. Statistics 
You are shown a positive skewed distribution and asked 10 questions

4. Chest X-ray 
You are asked 10 questions

5. Trauma
You are asked about the features of tension pneumothorax

6. Hazards
- examiner sitting

7. Electrical safety
 You are asked 15 questions on the peripheral nerve stimulator, including:
- demonstrate its use
- identify patterns and duration of impulse
- what happens during depolarising block and non-depolarising block?

8. Agent analysis 
You are asked 12 questions

9. Rotameter
You are shown a diagram and asked 10 questions

10. Spinal cord transaction 
You are asked 10 questions

11. Examination of a pregnant patient

12. Communication skills
Speak to a mother whose son has suxamethonium apnoea

13. History taking station

14. History taking station

15. Base of skull
You are asked questions, mainly on the trigeminal nerve
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