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Final basic sciences short case 1

Created: 7/4/2004

 Topic 1

Flow-volume loop


1. Draw a normal flow-volume loop.
2. Draw this in the case of an obstructive lung disorder.
3. Draw this in the case of a restrictive lung disorder.
4. Draw this in the case of an upper airway obstruction (e.g. laryngeal).
5. How is flow measured?

 Topic 2

Hospital gas supplies


1. Draw and describe an oxygen tank.
– Describe the liquid, pressure and temperature
– Evaporating grid?
– In the cylinder: what should be the pressure? What volume of oxygen should it contain and what state should it be in?
– What type of valve is found on the cylinder?
– From what material is the cylinder made?

2. Describe the properties of a nitrous oxide tank, in terms of: the manifold, pressure and state?
– In the cylinder: what should be the values for pressure, volume and filling ratio?
– From what material is the cylinder made?
– What is the air source?
– What is the air pressure?
– What is the difference between an air supply used for anaesthesia and one used for other purposes?

 Topic 3

Anaesthesia and the kidneys


1. Draw a normal nephron; show what gets absorbed and where.
2. What is the effect of anaesthesia on renal function?
3. What drugs or gases used by anaesthetists might precipitate acute renal failure?

 Topic 4



1. Draw a diagram of the larynx.
2. Describe the sensory and motor nerve supply.
3. Describe the actions of the laryngeal muscles.
4. Describe nerve block for the larynx.
5. Describe the post-surgical and non-surgical causes of stridor.


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