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Final syllabus: ENT

Created: 7/4/2004
Preoperative assessment, particularly prediction of a difficult intubation. Management of patients of all ages to include patients with:

- stridor
- intubation difficulties
- sleep apnoea
- concomitant diseases

Local techniques and surface analgesia

Acute ENT emergencies (e.g. bleeding tonsils, croup, epigiottitis, foreign bodies)

Laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy

Knowledge of special tubes, gags and equipment for microlaryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, laser surgery (e.g. Venturi devices, ventilating bronchoscope and fibre-optic bronchoscopy)

Middle ear surgery, including hypotensive techniques

Major head and neck surgery

Emergency airway management, including tracheostomy

Postoperative management


Preoperative assessment

Day case/inpatient requirements

Resuscitation facilities

Dental chair anaesthesia

Paediatric anaesthesia

Sedative, anaesthetic and analgesic techniques for dental extractions

Assessment and management of the difficult airway including fibreoptic intubation

Anaesthesia for maxillofacial surgery, including the perioperative management of the fractured jaw and other major facial injuries

Postoperative management for all patients undergoing dental or maxillofacial procedures

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