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Final syllabus: Regional, cardiac, thoracic and neurosurgical

Created: 7/4/2004


Basic sciences applied to regional anaesthesia: anatomy, physiology and pharmacology
Principles and practice of spinal and extradural anaesthesia, intravenous regional anaesthesia and nerve blocks
Recognition and management of adverse effects
In addition, candidates will be assessed on their understanding of principles in the following areas:

Cardiac anaesthesia

Preoperative assessment and management of patients with cardiac disease
Anaesthesia for cardiovascular imaging
Non-invasive and invasive vascular and non-vascular monitoring appropriate to the cardiovascular system
Anaesthesia for cardiac surgery
Principles of cardiopulmonary bypass and cardiac surgery
Postoperative management

Thoracic anaesthesia

Preoperative lung function tests
Local and general anaesthesia for bronchoscopy to include techniques of ventilation
Familiarity with fibreoptic bronchoscopic techniques for airway management and
diagnostic procedures
Techniques of one-lung anaesthesia to include single and double lumen endobronchial tubes
Principles of thoracic anaesthesia to include management of pneumothorax
Principles of underwater seals on chest drains
Tracheostomy and other techniques of emergency airway management

Neurosurgical anaesthesia

Preoperative assessment and management of patients with neurological disease
Anaesthesia for imaging relevant to the CNS
Principles of anaesthesia for craniotomy, to include vascular disease, cerebral tumours and posterior fossa lesions
Perioperative management of interventional neuroradiological procedures
Anaesthesia for spinal column surgery
Principles of immediate postoperative management
Neurological monitoring

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