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Final syllabus: Cardiovascular

Created: 7/4/2004
Abnormal electrocardiogram and arrhythmias
Cardiomyopathy and abnormal ventricular function
Heart failure
Hypovolaemia and shock
Ischaemic heart disease
Valvular defects
Common congenital heart defects
Kidney and body fluids
Disturbances of fluid balance, oedema and dehydration
Management of acid-base abnormalities
Assessment of renal function
Renal failure and its management
Plasma electrolyte disturbances
Hepatic failure
Disorders of respiratory mechanics, gas exchange and gas transport
Disorders of the pulmonary circulation
Respiratory failure and ventilatory support
Effects of changes in ambient pressure
Nervous system
Consciousness and sleep
Depth of anaesthesia
Consequences of spinal cord injury and deafferentation
Monitoring of spinal cord function under general anaesthesia
Mechanisms of pain; somatic, visceral, neuropathic
Control of cerebral circulation, intracranial and intraocular pressures
Disorders of the autonomic nervous system
Gastrointestinal tract
Nausea and vomiting
Oesophageal reflux
Swallowing disorders
The mucosal barrier
Metabolism and body temperature
Hormonal and metabolic response to trauma
Hyperthermia and hypothermia
Endocrine diseases of significance in anaesthesia
Obstetrics and paediatrics
Principles of neonatal physiology
Effects of prematurity
Development in infancy and childhood
Physiology of normal and abnormal pregnancy
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