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Final syllabus: ITU, transport of the critically ill, nutrition and trauma

Created: 23/8/2004


Candidates should have a good understanding of the diagnosis and management of the critically ill patient and should be skilled in resuscitation to an advanced standard. An understanding of the particular problems associated with the critically ill child (excluding neonates) will be expected.

All candidates should be familiar with the monitoring and life support equipment used in the treatment of critically ill patients. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of practical invasive procedures, with an understanding of the principles and hazards involved, and the interpretation of data from such procedures.
An awareness of the importance of communication skills and interpersonal relationships will be expected. 

Transport of the critically ill

Infection and multiple organ failure
Sepsis and endotoxaemia
Nosocomial infections
Assessment and management of oxygen delivery
Antibiotics and immunotherapy
Reperfusion injury and antioxidants
Cardiovasular system to include:

Pathophysiology and management of cardiogenic and hypovolaemic shock
Pulmonary embolism
Investigation and management of cardiac failure
Investigation and management of arrhythmias

Respiratory system to include:

Airway care
Ventilators and modes of pulmonary ventilation
Management of acute and chronic respiratory failure
Nervous system to include:

Central nervous system infection
Acute polyneuropathy
Traumatic and non-traumatic coma
Cerebral ischaemia
Status epilepticus
Brain stem death
Renal, electrolyte and metabolic disorders to include:

Diagnosis, prevention and management of acute renal failure
Fluid, electrolyte and acid-base disorders
Body temperature
Haematological disorders to include:

lmmunocompromised patients
Gastrointestinal disorders to include:

Acute liver failure - diagnosis and management
Acute pancreatitis
Gut ischaemia
Gastrointestinal ulceration and bleeding
Translocation and absorption disorders 


Requirements for enteral and parenteral nutrition 
Analgesia, anxiolysis and sedation 


Management of multiple injuries
Burns and smoke inhalation 
Management of acute poisoning 
Organ donation 
Scoring systems and audit 

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