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Final syllabus: Pain management

Created: 7/4/2004
A detailed knowledge of the control of acute pain in the context of postoperative and post-traumatic conditions will be expected, as will an understanding of the principles of chronic pain management in the pain clinic setting.
Anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and basic psychology relevant to pain management

Assessment and measurement of acute pain - including special problems with children, the elderly and patients who are unconscious or in intensive care

Assessment of patients with chronic pain and pain in patients with cancer

Use of medication for pain management; conventional analgesics and adjuvant analgesics; side-effects; problems of drug dependency and addiction

The role of and indications for neural blockade:

Peripheral nerve, plexus, epidural and subarachnoid blocks, techniques of sympathetic blockade, neurolytic agents and procedures, implanted catheters and pumps for drug delivery

Stimulation produced analgesia including transcutaneous techniques and acupuncture

Other treatment modalities:
Physical therapy, surgery, psychological approaches,
rehabilitation approaches, pain management programmes
Symptom control in terminal illness
The organisation of pain management services
Principles and ethics of pain research
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