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Blood transfusion guidance published
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23rd November 2015
AUK Staff

The evidence-based guidance Blood Transfusion, commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), developed by the National Clinical Guideline Centre (NCGC) and hosted by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), was published on 18 November 2015.The evidence review and recommendations from the guidance can be found at NICE Blood Transfusion.

This guideline covers the assessment for and management of blood transfusions in adults, young people and children over a year old. It covers the general principles of blood transfusion, and includes recommendations on:
  • alternatives to transfusion for patients having surgery 
  • thresholds, targets and doses for red blood cells, platelets, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, and prothrombin complex concentrate 
  • patient safety 
  • patient information.
Recommendations related to specific conditions are available on the NICE guidance pages.

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