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Anaesthesia UK NewsAccess to the latest topical anaesthesia and healthcare related news. You may also vote for and add your comment to the news items.  Please click on a news item and start to make your views heard! 

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Latest news

 0 Vote it! 4000 NHS beds are occupied by hip fracture patients

    The latest National Hip Fracture Database report has revealed that 4000 NHS beds are occupied by hip fracture patients.
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 0 Vote it! Surgery improves quality of life for patients with chronic sinus infection and sleep dysfunction

    A new study has found that the quality of life for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and obstructive sleep apnoea can be improved by endoscopic sinus surgery.
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 0 Vote it! GMC responds to NICE guidance

    The GMC has responded to the latest NICE guidance on antibiotic prescribing.
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 0 Vote it! Thousands of patients missing out on targeted cancer drugs

    According to a new report, thousands of cancer patients are missing out on personalised treatments each year in England because they are not being given a test to see if they might benefit from them.
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 0 Vote it! Key principles for supporting vulnerable doctors agreed

    Healthcare experts and leaders from across the UK have highlighted a number of key principles for improving services for doctors with mental health and addiction problems.
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 0 Vote it! NHS compensation claims rising

    Over £1 billion was paid out by the NHS to compensate patients involved in medical negligence claims over the past year.
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 0 Vote it! Health secretary's speech empty rhetoric

    Doctors' leaders have said that the health secretary's speech about weekend pay is nothing more than empty rhetoric
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