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Anaesthesia UK NewsAccess to the latest topical anaesthesia and healthcare related news. You may also vote for and add your comment to the news items.  Please click on a news item and start to make your views heard! 

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Latest news

 0 Vote it! Discovery could improve radiotherapy for wide range of cancers

    Scientists have discovered how AKT inhibitors in combination with radiotherapy might boost its effectiveness across a wide range of cancers.
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 0 Vote it! Doctors’ response to Queen's Speech

    Doctors have responded to plans laid out in the Queen's Speech for a 7-day NHS.
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 0 Vote it! NHS pressures at risk of stifling cancer research

    Daily pressures on the NHS are having a serious impact on its ability to support world leading research into cancer.
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 0 Vote it! Funding for ground-breaking childhood cancer treatment announced

    A UK cancer recovery charity is to support a study comparing radiotherapy with proton therapy for children.
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 0 Vote it! Men with high oestrogen levels could be at greater risk of breast cancer

    Men with naturally high levels of oestrogen may have a greater risk of developing breast cancer, according to new research.
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 0 Vote it! UK lagging behind other countries on staffing levels and number of beds available

    The Economist Intelligence Unit has highlighted that the UK is lagging behind other wealthy countries on staffing levels and the number of beds available.
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 0 Vote it! Most bowel cancer patients aren’t advised to exercise despite health benefits

    Most bowel cancer patients say they weren’t advised to exercise regularly after their diagnosis, despite evidence that brisk physical activity is linked to better survival in bowel cancer.
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 0 Vote it! Lack of progress in diagnosing bowel cancer

    New figures released by the charity Beating Bowel Cancer show that most bowel cancer patients are still diagnosed too late.
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