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Anaesthesia UK NewsAccess to the latest topical anaesthesia and healthcare related news. You may also vote for and add your comment to the news items.  Please click on a news item and start to make your views heard! 

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Latest news

 0 Vote it! Scientists decipher key steps in cancer development to improve treatment

    Scientists have discovered the timing of key genetic mistakes that fuel tumour growth, according to new research.
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 0 Vote it! Doctors vulnerable to police investigations for wilful neglect

    Police investigations of doctors may become more common following the introduction of the new criminal offence of wilful neglect or ill-treatment.
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 0 Vote it! MDU welcomes call for improvements to Ombudsman's complaint investigations

    The MDU has said that improving the way the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman investigates clinical complaints will benefit patients and doctors.
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 0 Vote it! Comment on NHS performance under coalition government

    Doctors’ leaders have responded to The King's Fund report on NHS performance under the coalition government.
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 0 Vote it! New potential for personalised treatments in bowel cancer

    New research has found that genetic changes in bowel tumours are linked to the way the body’s immune system responds to the cancer.
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 0 Vote it! Less than two-thirds of trusts have a plan in place for NHS staff health and well-being

    A new report shows that staff health and well-being in the NHS is too often seen as an optional extra, with only 65% of trusts having a staff health and well-being plan in place.
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 0 Vote it! Medical innovation will continue without legislation

    The MDU has reacted to the news that the Medical Innovation Bill will not progress further in this parliament.
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 0 Vote it! We must look at NHS as a whole to tackle pressures on A&E

    Doctors’ leaders have said that we must look at NHS as a whole to tackle the pressures on A&E.
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