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Anaesthesia UK NewsAccess to the latest topical anaesthesia and healthcare related news. You may also vote for and add your comment to the news items.  Please click on a news item and start to make your views heard! 

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Latest news

 0 Vote it! New report highlights circumstances where doctors can be bullied and undermined

    A pivotal new report has highlighted the circumstances where bullying and undermining of doctors in training are most likely.
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 0 Vote it! People should be more involved in decisions about the medicines they take

    A new NICE guideline says that people should be more involved in decisions about the medicines they take, to ensure they get the best outcomes from them.
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 0 Vote it! Strong support for proposals to improve patient protection and public confidence in doctors

    A major consultation by the GMC has found strong support for proposals to deal with the small number of doctors who put patients at significant risk or cause them harm.
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 0 Vote it! ‘Patchwork’ ovarian cancer more deadly

    According to a new study, the most common type of ovarian cancer is more deadly if it consists of a patchwork of different groups of cells.
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 90 Vote it! GMC supports doctors treating dementia patients

    Dementia and mental health issues are the latest focus of the GMC’s online resource which supports doctors treating older patients.
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 0 Vote it! Cancer false alarm could discourage people from checking out future symptoms

    Cancer Research UK scientists have found that having a cancer false alarm could put people off checking out cancer symptoms they develop in the future.
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 0 Vote it! Care for COPD patients has improved but is still not good enough

    The national COPD clinical audit report has shown that care for COPD patients has improved over the past 6 years, but is still not good enough.
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 165 Vote it! One in two people in the UK will get cancer

    According to the most accurate forecast to date, one in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives.
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