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End of interview

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The interview may end with the panel asking---- Is there anything we could have asked that would influence the selection of candidates?

This is your moment — prepare a short vignette  ---I am great because... Say I am into forming a patient feedback group, a patient feedback form or whatever unique/special drives you.

Do you have any questions for us?

Always - no thank you.
Say that you have had ample opportunity to discuss the post in depth and you feel clear about the remit of, and challenges in the post.


If you don’t get the job... you don’t get called in first. However, it is vital that you get feedback:

  • What was lacking in your CV?
  • What else they wanted?
  • Anything you could have done better at the interview?

Good luck from AnaesthesiaUK and!

AnaesthesiaUK would like to thank for allowing us to reproduce their material.

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