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Exam dates

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London Examinations

Next Primary FRCA MCQ Papers

  19th November 2020   23rd February 2021

Next Primary FRCA OSCEs/Vivas

  2nd November 2020   

Next Final FRCA MCQs/SAQs

  9th March 2021   

Next  Final FRCA Vivas

  7th December 2020   

Please note that with effect from the December 2005 sitting of the Primary FRCA, there will be an additional venue (Birmingham) for all written examinations for both the Primary and Final FRCA. Until new application forms are printed to reflect the address of the new College premises, those candidates wishing to attend at the Birmingham venue should manually enter the choice in Section C of the application form.

Other exam details can be found from the Royal College of Anaesthetists website which provides exam guidance and application forms.


Irish Examinations

Next  Primary FCARCSI

 Written: 17th June 2020    OSCE/Viva : 5th & 6th November 2019

Next  Final FCARCSI

 Written: 25th September 2019

Viva/Clinical:  26 & 27 November 2019

Marguerite Harvey, College of Anaesthetists. Tel : + 353 1 613 0001, Fax : + 353 1 661 4374 email :

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