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AUK testimonialsAnaesthesiaUK wins DTI E-Commerce award
Comments from  users:

 Many thanks for the great work you do, highly appreciated ??

 Thank you for the access to Its great place for an anaesthetist to be!! Venkata Suryanarayana Vadigi

 I would like to congratulate you on your website and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All the Best. Thank you so much for your website. Abdukarim. Lusaka, Zambia.

 Thank you very much as the website has been very helpful. Kavitha.

 Really appreciate your assistance. Thank you and best regards. Bryan.

 Very useful site, helped me pass both exams. Natasha.
 It is an excellent web resource and all involved in maintaining are worthy of best possible appreciation. Rehan.

 This site is very informative. Try to add more topics. Hana
 I have been using this site for my primary and have found the site to be very helpful. Jaya
 Thank you very much for a very interesting site. Hossam.
 Overall a very nice and helpful site. Keep it up. Asootosh.

 I am sending some SpR interview questions to benefit our anaesthetic friends who are going to attend such interviews in future. Suresh

 I would like to thank you again for your wonderful support during my exams in May/June. I have again received the question bank mail, I have unsubscribed, just to let you know that i have completed and did not want the wonderful work that you do just deleted every time as I am in complete non reading mode! Wilson.
 Dear Sumit I passed my primary frca exam at Dublin this time. My questions were the same as the other ones posted and I am also of the opinion that the examiners there are very friendly. I will not say that it is an easy exam but the whole set up makes it look easy. Well thanks for the guidance which I got from your web site. Sumita.

 Hello. I have joined my first job in the UK in anaesthetics. I have been sponsored by the Royal college under the ODTS scheme and have been given a limited registration by the GMC. I wish to register on your site as it has been recommended as a very good site for FRCA exam related material.

 I found the FRCA site very useful: I sat my Final FCARCSI Examination last week and am happy to inform you that I passed my exam. I shall be sending my viva questions shortly.

 What a generous, useful site! I'm an ex-pharmacologist, so it's not really relevant to my current job at a bank (!) but the idea of providing these resources over the internet for free to all is just fantastic. Justin.

 Congratulations on your new section on journal abstracts. Ashwin

 I like your site very much. It is easy to use and one can look for the required information swiftly and specifically. Aryuat.

 Your web-site is extremely useful. Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up! Nicola

 I think the anesthesia community is very thankful for you and your team for running such a valuable website. Prasanna.

 I find your newsletter very informative and appreciate the constant updating of it and have recommended it to many of my colleagues. Thank you very much and continue the brilliant work. Joan.

 Thank you for the reminder. Keep up the good work you are doing. Your e-mails are really helpful. Charntel.

 Congratulations for the wonderful additions to the website. Please continue to add more and more flash animations. Prasanta.

 Great site, nice information about type I and IV hypersensitivity. Emil, Sweden. 
 I look forward to career in anaesthesia and thanks again for the great website. David.
 Can I, as a French anesthesiologist, gain access to the online exam centre? AnesthesiaUK is the best site for anesthesiologist's continuous medical education on the internet. Stephane.
 A very useful site for both the Primary and Final. Looking at this site is a good initative for preparation for exams, the sample questions available on the site are good stimulators for what to read and where to read. My thanks go to the people who mantain this site. Hari
 It is truely a wonderful site. I am new to the UK for training in Anaesthesia and found a lot of valuable information. Kudos to all of you. VR Shetty
 I wish to thank all the team who run this site, it  has greatly helped my preparation for the exam, please keep it up. Kumaresh.
 Your website has been developing very widely over the years  and this cannot be without huge efforts on part  of the team. Keep it up. Congratulations. Ashwin.
 Thankyou very much for your help in registering me with the AnaesthesiaUK website. I am very relieved and looking forward to a long association with your website and  great academic information. Vittal.
 I gained FRCA in 1979 from the Army, and emigrated to Australia in 1992.  Would it be possible for me to access your site.  I run a private hospital in Joondalup Western Australia, and we have trainees for both FANZCA, and rural anaesthesia.  I think that your site would be very useful for them. Many thanks. Stuart.
 Dear Dr Sumit, thanks for the trouble taken to register me to this wonderful site. Joseph
 I have had a great help for both my primary and the final from your website, both of which i passed on my 1st attempt, keep up the good work, am sending you my final questions. Meena
 Anyway i would just like to offer my gratitude for your services and it is so inspiring to see how compassion, generosity and efficiency take place in one organization. Thank you! Mohsan
 Many thanks for your excellent site. Best wishes. Chris. Course Organiser. 
 I have thoroghly enjoyed your web site. I am conducting a central line cannulation simulator lab and I have referred your website to my students. It is the best I have found. I will be exploring more of your site at a later date. I will submit some of my examination questions at a later date. RegardsMarjorie. Cannulation simulator lab organiser.
 Many thanks for the SpR interview questions page. I had my interview on Monday and got a reg no. after using your questions and links to 'gen up'! Keep up the good work. I have included some questions that were posed to me and my colleagues during the interview.
New Anaesthetic SpR
 Just wanted to say that I think your website is extremely helpful. Having passed the Primary FRCA and obtained an SpR number in last six months, I have used the website repeatedly and it has been a godsend. Alistair
 Thank you very much for your prompt and effective action, wish more people were as efficient as you and your team. I have been using this site for a while now and honestly think you are doing a fabulous job of demystifying the FRCA. Keep up he good work, many thanks. Shishir
 What a fantastic website! Stumbled upon it quite by accident as you are high up the Google ladder. Very useful to me as a consultant for organising viva and interview practice for my trainees. Will recommend it to all my traineees and consultant colleagues. Ultrasound section is very well-researched. And all for free!  Suparna 
 I would just like to inform you that I have found your web site to be the best site available for Anaesthetic training. I am an Anaesthetic Technician, currently training, from New Zealand and our course is extremely indepth and intense. This is why I have recommended this web-site to all of my friends, as I have found it to be the most beneficial and informative web-site available. Thank you for helping me get through my exams and training!! Natalie

  Your site is awesome, excellent info, especially with the physics stuff for our part 1, which is always a bit of a headache. Thank you again. Clem

  Thank you for a very valuable tool to improve one’s skills and knowledge in anesthesia. Kai

 I passed my primary FRCA yesterday and I wanted to thank you guys for such
an excellent website for us to refer and practise questions.

 As somebody who has run a popular primary FRCA course for the past 8 years I would like to compliment you on your site. I will recommend it to trainees attending my course. As an examiner, with this sort of resource available to them I am surprised that candidates still fail! Course Organiser

 This is the first time I have visited this site. I came across it while surfing to prepare for a Consultant interview. I have found it to be very informative, user friendly and relevant. Keep up the excellent work. Lenny

 Love this website. was such a big help with my Primary which i've now passed! Educational resources of very high standard. especially liked the breathing systems one with animations to show gas flow! Lucie

 A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work! Jeniffer

 Awesome site... used for many many years now. Compliments to your whole team!! Paul

 I really enjoy your website, and the information is both up to date, and pertinent to clinical practice. It is extremely helpful, and I admire the articles and resources available! It is a fantastic site, and I look forward to learning more from it in the future! Thank you! Drew

 Fantastic site: invaluable for me passing my primary back in October last yr. James

 I wanted to thank you for all your efforts on making this website a fantastic one. It has all you need for passing the FRCA. Ashwini

 Congrats on starting this image library. We can share a lot of interesting
cases and images, I am really thankful to you for accepting these images and posting them on your web site. I will collect very interesting ones and send for your approval . Keep up this good work. Thanks again
. Mohamed

 An absolutely fantastic resource!! Lou

 its a good site for online revision of exams. Kavitha

 I found the Anatomy relevant to epidural and subarachnoid blockade to be most useful/helpful and the best description and pictures I have found yet. This gives such a clear and very descriptive guide for everyday people to understand. Thank you for your support and for the excellent website at which I was able to receive helpful information. I will continue to use. Kristi

 I have been a registered user of for around 2 years now. I am very grateful to the administeration of who are doing a wonderful wonderful work by providing everybody, and especially the residents of Anesthesiology from the third world, a standard and uptodate resource for improving there skills and crucial knowledge ... I have been hugely benefited with the resources available and the Questions etc on as i have been able to top my quarterly exams.It has also helped me alot in providing a standard level of anaesthesia care in pre, peri and post operative periods to my patients. Rehan

 How can I thank you Enough?!!! Oh my god after searching all day in the internet I found your site which seems everything I need and more... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.. I am forever grateful for this site..!!  Alma

 I find this site to be extremely useful, especially for people ... who work in hospitals where there is absolutely no teaching. Keep up the good work folks. Rajani

 Thank you for such a wonderful website. Please keep up the good work. Olusolape

 WOW! What a great site, tons of information, very insightful and practical knowledge available in multiple areas of anesthesia!  Sean

 I have found your site extremely helpful for so many things...keep up the
great work!

  Thanks very much for ... all the valuable information I acquire from Anaesthesia UK. Your team is making anaesthesia and medical practice better. Keep it up. Kyrian

 I am a registered nurse ... in the midst of completing a masters of anaesthetic and recovery nursing.
This note comes as enthusiastic feedback to acknowledge your website's marvellous content! i hope you will not mind that i take refuge in so many topics here when i am stumped for clarity. i ammost sincerely grateful for the privilege to have access to such clinically relevant topics in anaesthetics
. Naomi

 The resources on the website and podcasts are superb. Kim

 I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the great work you are doing for all anesthetists. Eid 

 Great website! A wonderful learning resource. Ursalan

  I want to use this opportunity to appreciate your impact and effect on my passing West African College Surgeons part 1 fellowship exams. Keep it up, your impact is the best. Kalu

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